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  • My name is Iris. I've always liked my name (except in books, Iris is always a villan - well maybe that's true in real life too - maybe someone is trying to tell me something). I love the gorgeous iris flowers and so have populated my little corner of the web with them.

  • I'm seriously older than dirt. I'm a widow and a grandmother with 4 wonderful grown children and 8+2 more wonderful grandchildren.

  • I love God, my kids & grandkids, my little pomapoo dog, tiny poodle dogs, animals in general, counted cross stitch, fancy Barbie doll outfits, diamonds, sparkly things, a cool fall day, and a lot of other things I can't think of right now.

    3-16 iris icon3 (1K) Where I live

  • I live on a small mini farm in rural north Alabama with a cute Pomapoo, an indoor cat, an inside/outside cat, wild deer, possums, racoons, coyotes and who knows what else. My kids (all adults with grown kids of their own) all live far away so I don't get to see them nearly as often as I'd like. I am blessed to have a grandson living with me while he finishes college.

    3-16 iris icon3 (1K) Counted Cross Stitch

  • Been doing that for almost 40 plus years and am totally addicted. I work a couple of days a week in a great cross stitch shop and am always needing a project. I've designed many of my own charts over the years, but in mid 2011 I designed my first chart to sell. My original charts can be found at Iris Originals Cross Stitch Designs and Iris Originals at Etsy.

    Available wholesale to shops at ICG Crafts

    3-16 iris icon3 (1K) Web Design

  • A friend designed my first web site many years ago and I wasn't particularly pleased and decided I could do a better job. I did and one thing led to another and now I have a small web design business. I love working on web sites and can become engrossed quite easily. I've slowed down in that area as there just isn't enough hours in my day.

    3-16 iris icon3 (1K) Smoke Free

    Everything I offer online comes from a smoke free home, however Pets abound, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    3-16 iris icon3 (1K) Barbie Gowns

  • I've been sewing for 70 years (told you I was old) and have always loved the beautiful Barbie outfits. SO, several years ago, my late husband encouraged me to go back to making them. I still have fun with that though the counted cross designing takes up most of my time these days.

    And, I can use dressing the Barbies up for photos as an excuse to play with them :) They're listed at Iris Originals Doll Fashions and Iris Originals at Etsy.

    3-16 iris icon3 (1K) thanks

    Okay, if you've stuck with me this far you now know waaaay more than you ever wanted to about me. Didn't mean to write a book - but wanted to cover all the website bases as it were. Hope you'll stop by again, the coffee pot is always on.